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Meditation is actually the state of doing nothing at all. There is no action, no thought, and no emotion. As a result, when you end all physical and mental action, and when you only exist, you meditate. In meditation, you do not act, but observe. The first step to awareness is to observe your body closely. Meditation is awareness, and everything you do with awareness is meditation.

There are many helpful meditation methods. What is important is to find the one that is right for your soul and body. If the correct method is applied, the person reaches a higher state of awareness. Before you start meditating, switch off your phone to make yourself independent. Take off your shoes and leave out the issues that preoccupy you.
Enter the room where you will meditate, having left everything outside.

 Meditation requires a condition where you can forget your body and feel comfortable. If your body wants to dance or move rather than sit, you can let it move and start meditating that way. The most important elements in meditation are relaxation and observing without judgment. Unlike the common belief, meditation is not merely an act of sitting in a calm environment. Sometimes you can also meditate while running or swimming.

Benefits of Meditation

  • The effects of meditation have been measured neurologically as changes in brain waves.
  • Meditation increases harmony between mind and body.
  • Meditation is a very effective method for spiritual development and for increasing awareness.
  • The energy channels and chakras of the meditator are cleared. This provides physical and mental relief and significantly affects the health of all organs.
  • Through the meditation process, intuitive information starts to flow, the mind is filled with inspiration, the meditator reaches a state of higher consciousness, and gets in touch with their true being.
  • The emotions experienced during meditation are so deep and satisfying that the person only meditates for themselves.
  • Through meditation, the person becomes physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.
  • Meditation brings balance and concentration to daily life. It increases success at work and in private life.
  • Our family and social relations develop positively. The meditator becomes more serene, more loving, and more forgiving.

Osho Dynamic Meditation

This meditation lasts 1 hour and consists of 5 separate phases. It is accompanied with music. It is recommended for morning but can be done at other times of the day if necessary.

Stage One – 10 minutes

Breathe quickly through the nose, and let your breath be intense and frequent. Make your breath as fast and as deep as possible. Allow your body to be comfortable while breathing. Make sure you do not contract your body. Your breath should be fast and chaotic, while your body moves comfortably to the rhythm of your breath. Moving your arms and body naturally will help to increase your energy.

Stage Two – 10 minutes

In the catharsis part, follow your body and allow it to express all there is. Let out everything that needs to be let out. Go completely mad, do not allow your mind to connect with what is happening, and do not forget to be one with your body. Scream, laugh, shout, cry, jump, dance, and kick around.

Stage Three – 10 minutes

Leaving your shoulders and your neck loose, raise both arms as much as you can without bending your elbows. While keeping your arms up, scream “woo… woo…woo…” from as deep as possible in your gut, and jump. Every time your feet touch the ground (make sure that the soles of your feet are in contact with the ground), ensure that the sound deeply hits the center of sexuality.

Stage Four – 15 minutes

Stop! When you hear the instruction to stop, freeze into whatever position you happen to be. Do not adjust your body in any way. Witness everything that is happening to you.

Stage Five – 15 minutes

Celebrate! Express everything that is there through music and dance. Dance!

Reyhan İlknur – Osho Dinamik Meditation

Osho Kundalini Meditation

This meditation lasts 1 hour and consists of 4 separate phases. It is accompanied with music.

Stage One – 15 minutes

Relax, feel the energy move from your feet upwards, and allow your whole body to shake. Your eyes can be open or closed.

Stage Two – 15 minutes

Dance, in any way you feel, let the whole body take over, and allow it to move as it wishes.

Stage Three – 15 minutes

Close your eyes and remain motionless while sitting or standing. Witness what is happening both within yourself and outside.

Stage Four – 15 minutes

Keeping your eyes closed, lie down and remain motionless.

Osho Nataraj Meditation

This meditation lasts 65 minutes and consists of 3 separate phases. It is accompanied with music.

Stage One – 40 minutes

Keeping your eyes closed, dance as if you were spellbound. Allow your subconscious to take over completely. Do not monitor your actions or witness what is happening. You should exist entirely only inside the dance.

Stage Two – 20 minutes

Lie down with your eyes closed. Remain silent and motionless.

Stage Three – 5 minutes

Dance joyfully and enjoy it.

Osho Nadabrahma Meditation

This meditation lasts 1 hour and consists of 3 separate phases. It is accompanied with music.

Stage One – 30 minutes

Sit in a relaxed position with your eyes and lips closed. Start mumbling loud enough for others to hear and create a vibration with your whole body. You may imagine an empty pipe or an empty container resonating only with the vibration of the mumbling. There will be a point where the mumbling will continue by itself and you become a listener. There is no special breathing method required, and you may change how much your lean. You may also shift your body slightly and slowly, if you wish to do so.

Stage Two – 15 minutes

This phase consists of two sections of 7,5 minutes each. During the first half, move your hands in circles while your palms face upwards. Starting from the belly, your hands should move forward in unison, and separate on the left and the right, creating two large circles mirroring each other. The motion should be so slow that it occasionally looks like
there is no motion at all. Sense that you are radiating energy into the universe.

Seven-and-a-half minutes later, turn your hands so that the palms face downwards and move them in the opposite direction. Now the hands will come towards the belly together, will separate and open outwards from the sides of the body. You should be sensing that you are taking in energy. Just as in phase one, do not prevent the soft, slow motions of the body.

Stage Three – 15 minutes

Sit or lie down in complete silence and without motion.

Reyhan İlknur – Osho Nadabrahma Meditation

Osho Gourishankar Meditation

This meditation lasts 1 hour and consists of 4 separate phases. It is accompanied with music.

Stage One – 15 minutes

Sit down with your eyes closed. Fill your lungs, taking a deep breath from the nose. Keep it in as long as you can, then slowly release it from the mouth and leave the lungs free as long as possible. Continue breathing in this fashion through the first phase.

Stage Two – 15 minutes

Return to breathing normally and take a gentle look at a candle flame or a flashing blue
light. Keep your body motionless.

Stage Three – 15 minutes

Stand up with your eyes closed and allow your body to be comfortable and responsive. You will start to feel your body moving some difficult to notice energies, unlike the control that happens normally. Allow this event called Latihan to happen. Do not move but allow the motion to occur by itself in a soft and elegant fashion.

Stage Four – 15 minutes

Lie down on the floor with your eyes closed and remain quiet and motionless.

Reyhan İlknur – Osho Gourishankar Meditation

Osho Mandala Meditation

This meditation lasts 1 hour and consists of 4 separate phases. It is accompanied with music.

Phase One – 15 minutes

Keeping your eyes open, start running where you are, slowly at first and then accelerating gradually. Raise your knees as high as you can. Breathing deeply and regularly should move the energy. Forget the mind and the body. Keep breathing in and out.

Phase Two – 15 minutes

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and your mouth open. Turn your body from the waist like a reed in the wind. Feel the wind dragging you from all sides, from the back and the front. This will transfer your awakened energies to the center of your abdomen.

Phase Three – 15 minutes

Lie on your back, open your eyes, and keep your head motionless while turning your eyes clockwise. Rotate them as fast as possible inside their sockets, as if watching the minute hand of a large clock. It is important that the mouth remains open while the jaw is relaxed. This will move the energies that are in the center to the third eye.

Phase Four – 15 minutes

Close your eyes and remain motionless.

Reyhan İlknur – Osho Mandala Meditation

Osho Whirling Meditation

This meditation lasts 1 hour and consists of 2 separate phases. It is accompanied with music.

Phase One – 45 minutes

Keep your eyes open and sense the center point of your body. Raise your arms at shoulder level. The right hand should be higher with the palm facing upward, while the left hand should be slightly lower with the palm facing downward. Start rotating around your own axis in whichever direction you wish. Keep your body soft. Start slowly and
after 15 minutes accelerate gradually. You will become a pool of energy, with a storm of movement around you and a quiet and motionless witness in the inner center.

Phase Two – 15 minutes

Let your body collapse when the music stops. (This may have happened before). Lie on your stomach so that your belly is in contact with the ground. Feel your body blending into the earth. Close your eyes, remain quiet and passive.

Reyhan İlknur – Osho Whirling Meditation