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Corporate Training

  • Active Meditation Workshop
  • Active Meditation 8-week Training Program
  • Active Meditation and Mandala Artistic Awareness Workshop
  • Active Meditation and Stress Management

Based on Prem Salima Reyhan İlknur’s knowledge and experience, the corporate training programs help balance social, home and work life in the age of speed and communication.

Through meditation and awareness training programs, Reyhan İlknur contributes to the happiness and productivity of employees. This creates a synergy between the employees and the corporations, increases focus, strengthens team communication, and increases empathy, which reinforces the sense of trust and belonging.


Depending on the request of the company, this study may be preferred to get employees to experience Active Meditation and to gain knowledge. This is a short-term but effective program. Please contact us for detailed information, so that we can prepare a program tailored for you and your company.


This involves preparing a program customized for your company and employees, in line with company policy, employee needs and the aims that are determined. The aim is to help employees make active meditation a part of their lives.

Benefits of Meditation for Corporations:

  • Improves the relationship of the employer with colleagues as well as customers.
  • Increases employee commitment and responsibility towards the workplace.
  • Increases employee concentration, which is reflected onto collaborative work.
  • Increases overall motivation and productivity, which creates a positive and peaceful office environment.
  • Reduces costs associated with employee turnover.
  • Provides a positive and peaceful office environment.

Benefits of Meditation for Employees:

  • Helps increase concentration.
  • Contributes to the increase of creativity, outside the box thinking, and efficiency.
  • Helps increase the ability to understand human relations and to increase productivity in teamwork.
  • Makes it easier to cope with stress.
  • The creation of a healthy and peaceful work environment ensures that employees are happy and peaceful.


This all-day program can also be customized according to the needs of your company and your employees.

In this program, your employees will start the day with active meditation, and then will witness the union of art and therapy through the Mandala artistic awareness activity. Gülben Aykaç who dedicated years to the study of Mandala will guide the participants to discover the magic beyond drawing and painting Mandala and to capture their inner
journey on paper.

The mandala is the sacred inner space, usually circle-shaped, that reveals the deep truth about you and the world around you.

Benefits of the training:

  • Helps employees integrate the parts of their lives they consider disconnected.
  • Strengthens communication skills.
  • Supports the emergence of our creative side.
  • Helps us focus thoughts and intuitions, and also makes it possible to remain in the center.

If the structures of the human mind remain unchanged, we will always end up recreating fundamentally the same world, the same evils, the same dysfunction.

Eckhart Tolle

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