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Prem Salima relies on her knowledge and her experience to deliver corporate and individual training programs that aim to create a balance between social, domestic, and working life in the age of speed and communication.

The individuals who participate in breath therapy, active meditation, and family constellation training programs learn about the protection of physical and spiritual health, and experience gaining awareness and reaching personal inner peace. Individual and corporate training programs are provided.

What benefits does Prem Salima’s individual training program provide?

  • Teaches methods for bringing balance and concentration to daily life.
  • Family relationships and social relationship develop positively.
  • Teaches methods for being more serene, full of love, and forgiving.
  • Makes it possible for the person to change priorities, to focus on themselves, and to achieve self-respect.
  • Aims to increase creativity.
  • Develops the skill of making correct and sound decisions.

What benefits does Prem Salima’s meditation and awareness training program provide?

  • Improves the relationship of the employer with both colleagues and customers.
  • Increases employee commitment and responsibility towards the workplace.
  • Increases employee concentration and this is reflected in collaborative work.
  • Provides a positive, peaceful environment in the office, and increases overall motivation and productivity.