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Habit is the Simple Form of Learning

As I sat home on a pleasant summer evening, I said, “in that case I can start writing again.” I had my trusty laptop I have not given up in years. I only want to share. What will I be talking about?…


Corporate Training

Active Meditation Workshop Active Meditation 8-week Training Program Active Meditation and Mandala Artistic Awareness Workshop Active Meditation and Stress Management Based on Prem Salima Reyhan İlknur’s knowledge and experience, the corporate training programs help balance social, home and work life in the…


Individual Training

Family Constellation Individual Counseling Session Transformational Breath Therapy Individual Session Active Meditation Counseling FAMILY CONSTELLATION INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING SESSION Family Constellation is an alternative therapy method. Destinies we inherit from our roots and our past generations, diseases, genetically transmitted traumas can cause difficulties…


After a Long While

After a long while, I will write about cancer which affects the lives of many people recently. Last week, we, a dozen strangers met at a friend’s house. It was interesting that more than half had lost a loved one to cancer.…