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Family Constellation is a group therapy method which has been practiced in various countries for nearly 35 years. The method can also be implemented with individuals by using stand-in symbols. This method was developed by the German therapist Bert Hellinger and spread worldwide. Another great educationalist teaching in Turkey is the
German psychologist and spiritual teacher Svagito. This technique has been implemented in Turkey for years; however, recently it has become better known and widespread. The essence of this method involves the discovery of the basic laws that govern family systems and masses. The method aims to help people approach their
own reality, to increase their awareness, and to give them understanding. Therefore, in recent years, the concept of “therapist” has gradually transformed into that of “facilitator.”

Sometimes we feel that things beyond our control direct us and our reactions to events develop automatically against our own will. Out of our loyalty to our family and to our ancestors we reenact their fate, their anger, their depression, and similar feelings. This in turn causes problems and vicious circles that cannot be solved. The inheritance acquired from our roots through genetic memory also includes their fate. If there is someone excluded from the family system, we repeat his fate to remind the family about him. As an example, if there is an estranged, alcohol dependent individual in the family, one of the new generation grandchildren also becomes alcohol dependent and tries to remind that person to the family system and this cycle continues until the family really sees and accepts that person. This is because everyone in the family should have their place, be respected, and be honored. In this system, a person who is left out for any reason is represented in some fashion. This sometimes appears in male-female relationships and sometimes in work life. The person (character) that we draw into our life the most is in reality the person we reject. At this point, sincerely accepting this person with their destiny and in all their aspects is the first step towards resolution.

In this type of therapy, the individual must possess the awareness and the intention to solve the problem. Issues such as early deaths, suicides, addictions, migrations, accidents, persistent illnesses, harassment, rape, adoption or being offered for adoption, separation, divorce, etc., are important, and should be shared with the therapist. Following a brief exchange of information, the therapist or facilitator instructs the counselee to select representatives from the group. The therapist decides on the roles assigned to the selected representatives. If a classic constellation is used, the counselee selects the persons to represent parents, siblings if any (including
miscarriages and abortions), and themselves and observes. Each person taking part in the constellation equally benefits independently of these roles.


The Family Constellation Method can be used to work through the following issues

  • Family relations

  • Male-female relationship

  • Workplace problems

  • Money and money issues

  • Sexual abuse

  • Disease

  • Depression

  • Being adopted or being offered for adoption

You can also focus on everything that causes emotional or functional difficulties in your life.

Constellations activate the natural healing process within us.